Article Review: Creativity on the Run

Apps for Creativity

This article caught my attention in relation to creativity in education and learning, and the author of this blog, Diane Darrow, claims that “we need to demystify the creative thinking process and model how to tune into its power”.

Throughout the examples given in this beautifully-laid out post, the author shares tools which support various aspects of the creative process:

1. Idea Catchers: These are tools which “encourage observation and reflection”.

2. Tricking the Muse: Brainstorming: This is based on the idea that “creativity thrives when criticism is absent”.

3. Visual Tools: The concept here is that “doodling is also a powerful format for generating ideas” and she shares ways to do so collaboratively.

4. Inquiry questions: The quote from Paul Torrance is a powerful one. He defined creativity as “the process of sensing problems or gaps in information, forming ideas or hypotheses, testing, modifying these hypotheses and communicating the results.”

In all of the examples of ways to engage students into the creative process and the types of apps shared, the shares that the most important aspect is that “our working environment” must be psychologically safe or grounded on unconditional acceptance and empathy”,based on Carl Rogers’ work. I couldn’t agree more and wish that we could bring that into not just the classroom, but the faculty lounge and the administrative offices of our schools.

Creativity needs to have the opportunity to breathe in all its glory. This article clearly articulates that this doesn’t happen from the apps and technological tools we use, but from the “guidance of a caring community”. None truer words were ever said!



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