Powerful Powtoon!

For my final projects in the class, I set up a Netvibes feed page for my students to use in Technology and Culture, as well as a training video for teachers on how to use our Haiku Learning Management System.

The Netvibes project provided a great process for researching blogs that I’d like my students to guide them in the creation of their own blogs. Though I wonder what the future of RSS feeds will be in the future, after doing this project, I hope they will continue to be around. They’re so useful!


Working with Jing is quite easy and though the 5-minute limit is somewhat of a hindrance, in other ways it makes sure that you use your time well. It has inspired me to use online videos for more aspects of teaching training in the future.


I’d like to showcase my final project tools here using a web-based tool which was mentioned by one of my peers in the course, called Powtoon. It was a lot of fun to create and so easy too! There are quite a few template options (including a blank one, of course).


These are wonderful tools to work with and I’m glad I had the opportunity to try them out!



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